You've Found the Top Online Hockey Training Resources for Goalies and Skaters!

This gateway page gives you access to three different off-ice hockey training programs to suit your needs and goals. Let me help point you in the right direction...

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NEW!!! - - Ultimate Goalie Training 2.0

A Pro-Style Training Program for Elite Goalies

 off-ice goalie training program

This off-ice goalie training program is for players who are serious about maximizing their potential and moving up to the next level.  This is a serious training program that delivers serious results for dedicated goalies. Delivered in 3+1 BONUS goalie specific training modules.

Step on the ice this season with more flexibility, stability, strength, stamina and speed while experiencing fewer injuries.  If you are looking for quick fixes or shortcuts, keep looking, this program is not for you.



Program #2: The Rapid Response Goalie Training System

Fast, Effective Workouts For Busy Goalies

quick off-ice goalie training program

I know you are committed to being a better goalie.  I know you want to help your team win (even steal a few games for your team).  But there is one problem - you are not a pro goalie, you do not get paid to play hockey - you have to fit your training in around your busy, sometimes overwhelming life!

Here is the solution!  The Rapid Response Goalie Training system which lets you become stronger, faster and more agile on the ice with no workout taking longer than 45 minutes (most of them are actually 20-40 minutes long) and you can workout as little as twice per week or as much as four times per week.

Did I mention you can do all of these workouts at home with just the basics - a few dumbbells, a stability ball and one of those rubber resistance bands - you can pick that stuff up at your local department store



Program #3: HockeyStrong Training Program

The Pro-Style Training Program for Hockey Players

Off Ice Training Program for Hockey If your current off-ice training program has a 'Chest Day', you may be training hard, but you are not training smart for hockey.  The HockeyStrong Training program is an advanced pro-style training program that included workouts for:

flexibility and stability
strength and power
speed and agility